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    Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Ed Wood

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  4. I’M AN ISLAND - PASSION PHRUIT from J. Gardner on Vimeo.

    "A sound that most bands take years to craft… and it’s hypnotizing."
    - NYLON Guys

    "Serene and atmospheric… The warmth in the production and lyricism
    makes for a comforting listen, suitable for slow-moving afternoons.”
    - Consequence of Sound

    "A dream-like rendition of the very foundation of indie pop…
    [There’s] a comforting element within its sophisticated composition.”
    - Indie Shuffle

    "Passion Phruit" comes from I’m An Island’s debut ‘Crown Jewel’ EP, out now.


  5. TOPS “Way to be Loved” <3 <3 <3

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    sometimes i’m really stupid

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